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What is Model Railway Line?

We are a growing online community of model railroaders seeking to create and maintain the best online resources for model trains.

Have you noticed that much of the model railroading content online is old, outdated or inaccurate? We're looking to change this by building an unrivalled library of quality guides and articles. All created by modellers for modellers.

On Model Railway Line you'll find techniques, guides, reviews, news, product comparisons, and expert recommendations - all designed to help you master the skills needed to create great model railroads.

Our aims are simple - to help people make better quality, more realistic model train layouts and to encourage more people to take up this fantastic hobby.

Come on board and let's build this community together. Let's build great layouts and get more people interested in model trains! 🚂

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We hope to welcome you on board! 🚂

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