Discover the techniques, tips and tricks for making model railway baseboards.

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Matt Jones

Guide to Model Railway Baseboards

Perhaps you've been running model trains and are now looking to build a dedicated layout? Maybe you've moved house and now finally have the space to build a model railway? We explore some considerations needed when researching, planning and building model railway baseboards.

Matt Jones

Model Railway Baseboards Ready Made

There are many challenges when building a model railway baseboard, from choosing the type of wood, to selecting the best method of construction. Beginner railway modeller, or inexperienced at constructing baseboards? Get model railway baseboards ready made. Is this the best solution for your layout?

Matt Jones

The Best Wood for a Model Railway Baseboard

Choosing wood for the baseboard is an important part of building a model railway. It's essential to use woods that are of the required strength to support the layout, are easy to work with, and long-lasting. If the model railway is going to be portable, lightweight woods should be also be used.

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